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Order ready-made fresh family meals delivered directly to your doorstep with ready-to-heat instructions.

How to order

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Truffles Catering -

Winter Celebrations Menu

Family Dinners serving 4 people.

Enjoy the season with a gourmet meal for the whole family. Enjoy all of your seasonal favourites with an added Truffles touch and spend your time making memories with your loved ones.


Truffles Catering -


4-Course Dinner for two.

It delights us just as much as it delights you to have us deliver a four-course dinner for you this Valentine’s Day. Allow us to hand-deliver a meal so indulgent and so tantalizing, that you will be calling us up and asking yours truly to be your Valentine 😉



Our team will receive your orders 9:30 am–3:30 pm, Monday–Friday.

Please note that our flat rate delivery fee is $12.50.

Prices are subject to tax and 15% operation fee.

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